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Foraging for Businesses

Foraging for Businesses

A bespoke foraging teambuilding activity gives your staff a chance to get away from their screens, move their bodies, relax, chat, catch-up and learn new knowledge about their local area. 

This is done whilst spending time in a beautiful, natural spot and sampling a wide range of delicious food that they have foraged. 

It is exercise, mindfulness, wellness and sustainability all wrapped up in one delicious, energising package! 

Foraged food has so many benefits – it is fresh, healthy, delicious, pesticide and herbicide free, local and sustainable. Once you’ve tried it, you will never see natural plants the same way again! 


Why go foraging as a business teambuilding event?

1.    Teambuilding: Encourages teamwork and collaboration as employees work together to find and gather items.

2.    Relationship building: Provides a unique outdoor experience that helps build relationships and fosters a sense of community among employees.

3.    Healthy competition: Promotes friendly competition among employees as they compete to find items and see who can find the most.

4.    Skill development: Gives employees a chance to learn new skills and expand their knowledge of the natural world.

5.    Stress relief: Provides a fun and stress-relieving break from the typical office environment.

6.    Health and wellness promotion: Encourages physical activity and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

7.    Environmental awareness: Raises awareness about the importance of preserving and protecting our local, natural environment.

A foraging day out is a great way to unwind and thrill the senses. You will sample the foraged items we find in the prepared food served (what prepared food?) and you might even get involved in some of the food preparation! (and what food preparation?)


Typical Teambuilding Foraging Day

Meet your guide at around 10am, chat and get to know each other over some foraged herbal infusion.

Your guide will then take you on a tour of the nearby hedgerows, woodlands and wild areas. 
We will look at the seasonal plants, fungi and mosses and you’ll be given a background on their uses, place in the biodiversity, herbal applications and occasionally some myths and legends! 


We will stop frequently to discuss plants but we will also stop for a foraged refreshment in the form of a tasty snack. We cater for vegans, gluten free and any other dietary requirement. Just let us know in advance.

It is a great way of getting outdoors and sharing a group experience while learning about the native biodiversity and plants and as an added bonus, eating delicious gourmet food, sourced locally! 


Foraging Options Available

2 hour session
Half day session
Full day session 


This event is accessible to anyone who has minimal level of fitness and can walk a couple of kilometers. The pace is never hurried and stops are frequent – drink, snacks and food is included.


Contact us to find out more and to book

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