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Bespoke Foraging Groups

We offer private, bespoke foraging for groups.  These foraging events for bespoke groups are suitable for everyone, whether it’s for family, friends or clubs. This can be an alternative activity for stag/hen parties looking for a unique and fun outdoor activity. For gardening groups who want to learn more about our native edibles. For hiking groups who would like to nibble as they walk or cookery schools who would like their students to learn about other foods to add new flavours to their cooking, and much more. 

What is foraging?

Foraging is the act of gathering wild food and medicinal plants from the natural environment for personal use or consumption. This can include harvesting fruits, berries, nuts, mushrooms, and other plants and fungi found in the wild. Foraging can provide individuals with access to sustainable and locally-sourced food, as well as promoting a deeper connection to nature and appreciation for the environment.


Why book a private, bespoke foraging day for your group?

Foraging is an enjoyable, casual activity for groups, where you can learn something new whilst hanging out with your friends, family or club. Plus, there are so many benefits to foraging, and each person will learn something that they can use again in the future.


A few of these include: 
1.    Local flavour

You learn about unique, seasonal and local flavours and ingredients.

2.    Nutritious

Wild food contains a wide range of nutrients and is a wonderful way of boosting your diet.

3.    Free Food!

Foraging has the added benefit of saving money by obtaining food for free or at a low cost.

4.    Local food

Local and organic foraged plants are better all round for you and the environment.

5.    Reduces food waste

The use of seasonal and local wild plants cuts down on our use of transported vegetables that quickly decay.

6.    Benefits of nature

Countless studies have shown that being outside and connecting with nature benefits everyone! 

7.    Reduces your carbon footprint

We’re all becoming more aware of climate change. Using and consuming local wild food is better for the environemnt then buying food transported from foreign countries.

8.    Increases biodiversity

Foraging promotes biodiversity by encouraging wild and indigenous plants, which are more sustainable than cultivating non-native species.

9.    Digital detox

Foraging helps us disconnect from devices and work desks and get out in the fresh air and exercise.

10.    Herbal remedies

Seasonal wild plants contain powerful medicinal elements that can be used to create your own salves, tinctures and infusions.

11.    Skill and knowledge

Foraging teaches us about local plants and ecosystems. It is a skill you can learn, develop and pass on to others like your family, friends, kids or grandkids!

12.    Social Connection

Foraging is an activity you can do with your community on a casual or formal basis. Bring your friends, colleagues and family for a walk in nature and then afterwards share the bounty over a beautiful meal with foraged foods! 

Your Foraging Event

Each bespoke foraging event is catered to your specific group and your groups requirements.


They can range from 2 hours to 5 hours.  We begin with an introductory talk about foraging and the local area.  


What you are shown depends on the season!  For instance, there are lots of greens in the Springtime and then plenty of berries and nuts in the Autumn.


We also have breaks where your group can taste some of our food and drinks which have been made with what we have previously foraged. This will give your group the opportunity to taste what can be made with locally foraged food and helps to inspire them! 

Please note that a 50% deposit is required for a booking. 

If you would like to find out more or to book a private foraging event for your group then contact us today!

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