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Do you want learn how to source delicious food locally?
Live more sustainably?

Want to learn about native biodiversity?
Then come foraging with us! 

Why learn to forage?


Foraging supports sustainability which benefits our local area and the planet


Foraging promotes  biodiversity - it doesn't need pesticides so it benefits our insects

Saves Money

Foraging wild edible food is a way to gather food for free or for a very low cost

New Flavours

Foraging introduces you to new flavours and nutritious food you can add to your diet


Foraging encourages you to  exercise and it allows you to spend time outdoors

Foraging with Green Goes Wild

Green Goes Wild brings you closer to nature through foraging local, wild food, teaches you about biodiversity, and how to identify edible and medicinal plants in both urban areas and the countryside.


This is all whilst having fun and meeting like-minded people!

Check out upcoming courses

If you're looking to book a foraging trip for a private or corparate group then contact us directly for prices and availability

Walk in the Wild

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Our Foraging Courses
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Join us foraging

We run different types of foraging courses from February to October that are open to all ages

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Foraging with Friends

If you have a group of friends and family who want to learn more about foraging then book one of our foraging bespoke groups

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Foraging for teambuilding

If you are looking for a unique, outdoor and healthy teambuilding experience then look no further!

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